New Drugs Reflect Growing Market for Such Medications

More Weight Loss Drugs Becoming Available, but People Still Need to Work Hard to Achieve Long-Term Results

Medications can help, but losing weight and keeping it off takes hard work.

With an alarming percentage of the population counted as overweight or obese, more prescription medications that purportedly help people lose weight may soon become available. In recent years, the Food and Drug Administration has given the green light to new drugs to help people slim down, and a new one, called Contrave, may soon join the growing list of medications approved to help people lose weight.

New Drugs Haven’t Caught On Yet

Wary of potential side effects from these new medications, many doctors have largely held off from prescribing the newest medications, and many men and women who could benefit from their use have taken a wait-and-see approach to these newer drugs, perhaps remembering the stories about the infamous drug combination Fen-phen, which helped people slim down but also produced major heart problems for many men and women, killing some patients. Fen-phen consisted of a now defunct medication, fenfluramine, and phentermine. Doctors, especially those who specialize in weight reduction, can still prescribe phentermine for short-term use, sometimes in conjunction with other medications or supplements.

Men and women interested in losing weight in South Texas may want to seek the professional advice and services of weight loss doctors Corpus Christi, who can develop individualized and customized plans and programs to help clients reach their goals. Programs may include medications like Phentermine as well as appetite suppressants, which help people eat less food.

When used in concert with strenuous exercise regimens, supplements and medications for weight loss can help men and women rapidly lose excess weight, improve their physiques and better their health. However, people should commit themselves to healthy lifestyles that include regular exercise in order to achieve long-term success in their efforts to maintain a healthy weight and improved figure.