Evolution is Confused

Why is Dieting so Hard?

Learn how to beat unhealthy cravings once and for all with weight loss clinics in Corpus Christi, TX.

Ever wonder why healthy foods have no appeal, and foods like cake, pie, soda, and pizza have us drooling and doing just about anything to stuff our faces with them? Doesn’t this seem entirely unfair and against nature? Evolution dictates that we should be craving those foods that are most nutritious and least detrimental to our health. While this is a good argument, the truth is it’s just not true. What’s worse is that while our cravings betray us, weight loss clinics Corpus Christi Texas say most adults don’t know how to eat properly in order to beat these cravings and stay healthy. Most adults do not properly understand nutrition and how it really affects weight gain and weight loss.

Nutritional Coaching Works

A study was performed at Tufts University in which they tested a weight-loss program that was implemented through a workplace. At two different companies, 94 overweight or obese employees met for weekly sessions with nutritionists during their lunch hour. They lost an average of 17.6 pounds over six months. They then offered monthly sessions for another six months, and the 40 employees who attended them kept their lost weight off. By comparison, 39 overweight or obese employees at two control locations received no counseling. They gained an average of 2 pounds over six months.

This goes to prove that without proper nutritional coaching, counseling and accountability, it is almost impossible for obese adults to lose weight.