carrie-fisherThis is the time of year when many people are thinking about embarking on their own journey to lose weight. For those who are looking for inspiration, there are many sources. Some people look toward celebrities who have enjoyed success shedding pounds, and there are many of them who share how they did it.

Carrie Fisher is one celebrity who has experienced a dramatic transformation because of weight loss. Just three years ago, treatment for alcoholism and depression helped her get her life back together, and the weight loss was a part of that process.

Now, the 59-year old actress is taking center stage as a part of the cast of the highly anticipated seventh installment to the Star Wars franchise. Princess— or General— Leia is back as a new generation of fans is introduced to the Star Wars universe.

john-goodmanJohn Goodman is another celebrity who has changed dramatically thanks to making changes of his own. The actor, who many people remember as Rosanne’s husband Dan on the eponymous ABC TV series, has lost a substantial amount of weight, stepping out on the red carpet at this year’s celebrity events with a new, more svelte look.

One of the entrants in the late night wars has also dropped the pounds. ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel has transformed himself before our very eyes, dropping roughly 25 pounds in the last year or so. The late night funnyman attributes cutting calories a couple of days a week to his success.

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The program also involves close supervision from a qualified weight loss doctor who can offer guidance and encouragement, also giving the patient the help to make the important behavioral and lifestyle changes that help them maintain their weight loss success.

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