The Serotonin-Plus Program is based upon the belief that weight gain is linked to our body’s natural response to provide it with a chemical or sustenance that is lacking. In this case, that chemical is serotonin, our body’s natural version of a happy drug. Following those struggling with poor eating habits, medical weight loss doctors have found that our body naturally produces serotonin when we follow certain pre-programmed survival habits. One of these habits is to gain enough fats and sugars to ensure survival. However, because today’s society provides an excess amount of fats and sugars in our everyday diet, it can be easy to overload on non-nutritional foods simply to get that serotonin fix.

There are other ways to stimulate natural serotonin production, but often times either the obesity itself or other compounding factors inhibit these methods from working. The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss program provides that serotonin without the non-nutritional downside. By moving the reward stimulus from overeating to a specifically designed serotonin supplement, our program provides a needed break in the vicious cycle of obesity so that proven treatments can take hold and be successful.