With 2017 still feeling fresh and new, many people are considering making a lifestyle change that will affect the rest of their year. However, with the staggering amount of advice out there for people looking to be healthy, there’s a good chance that the advice you’re searching for will hurt instead of help. Here we’ve compiled a list of several of the more popular weight loss trends to give you a rundown on their overall benefit.

Keeping the MIND Healthy

While the Serotonin-Plus Program works with your body’s natural responses to regulate hunger, there is still a benefit to ensuring that you’re giving your body the essential nutrients. More recently “diet” trends have been geared towards promoting overall health and wellness but consuming the right types of nutrients. Based on two other diets that promote heart health and hypertension relief, the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay, also known as the MIND Diet, is focused on boosting brain health. The diet encourages eating foods like nuts, seeds, leafy greens, fish, and olive oil that have been linked to improved cognitive function and slower cognitive decline.

Happy Stomach, Happy Life

We’ve often heard of the dangers of abdominal or “belly” fat. However, there is a new strategy to having a happy midsection with the “Lose Your Belly” Diet. This eating plan is focused on improving the health of your microbiome (the home of your gut bacteria) through dietary changes, probiotic supplements, and other lifestyle adjustments. Because toxins in the environment and poor eating habits can wreak havoc on the important ‘good’ bacteria living in the digestive tract, replenishing the “good” bacteria, such as those rich in probiotics and prebiotics, helps to repair your overall health.

Track Your Progress With Technology

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, fitness and activity trackers like smart watches, smart eyeglasses, and other wearable technology came in at number one in their the survey of Top 20 Worldwide Fitness Trends for 2017. These tech devices let you track your daily activity, sleep cycles, and heart rate, among other things. You can also use them to set fitness goals while assisting you with reaching them. However, no matter how convenient or fashionable they may be, wearable devices cannot replace a good diet and exercise plan. So, plan to use them in addition to your regular weight loss plan.