Summer is a time for food, fun, and family! Breaking out those grills and getting the brothers, sisters, friends, and all of their families over for a huge get-together is something of an Amercian tradition during the summer months. And if you’re planning on hosting or attending one of these events, here are a few tips to keep in mind if you need help staying slim next to a veritable smorgasbord of food!

Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a must during the summer months. Not only because it’s a healthy way to keep your appetite satisfied, but because the blazing heat will dry out your body that much faster, which leaves you at risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Find Healthier Beverages

Just like the spiced lattes that become so popular during the fall, summer has its own share of seasonal favorites when it comes to beverages. Beer, lemonade, etc, are all typical options for people looking to slack their summer thirst. However, a number of calories each one contains can make dieting and staying slim a challenge. Try a flavorful alternative this summer by partaking in a thirst-quenching lemon water with mint or by eating water-filled fruits like watermelon!

Take Advantage of the Season

The summer months are when those delicious summer berries start to come in! Blueberries, blackberries, cherries, and more are pouring into your local grocery store at reduced prices. Take advantage of the season by using these berries as alternatives in some of your favorite desserts and giving them a healthy and flavorful twist.

Healthier Replacements for Old Staples

When it comes to the summer BBQ, one of the go-to snack items are the old chips and dip. However, these items are often times full of unneeded fats and calories. This summer, try a healthier but just as delicious alternative like veggies and hummus, different types of veggies chips, or even replacing your usual dip with a bright, summer salsa.


Break Out the Grill

Grilling your meat is actually a very healthy way to cook it. Grilling provides a ton of flavor without adding any fat, and even allows excess fat to drip off the meat. So long as you are sure to grill leaner meats this BBQ season, a cookout might be just the thing for your diet!

Try Summer Activities

After you’re finished eating, be sure to participate in any outdoor activities! Running around, playing, or even just throwing the ball back to your kids/the kids is a great way of getting some exercise in after a meal. If there are no activities being held at your gathering, try taking a walk or exploring the surrounding area. Odds are you are outside in a very scenic area. Don’t be afraid to check it out!