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In a few days, many of us will be meeting up with family and friends to sit down in front of a glorious Thanksgiving spread. The holiday is a day of thanks and eating that many look forward to—but those who have been on a recent weight loss journey may not be feeling the same way. Thanksgiving is one of the few times a year where it is not only socially acceptable to stuff oneself, but is expected.

For someone who has been working on achieving their best “you,” this is a nightmare. They don’t want to miss out on the festivities, but they also don’t want to back track on their progress. But don’t worry—you can still enjoy the holiday without packing on pounds and pounds of goodies.

Be Picky

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When faced with such an expansive amount of food, many of us will be tempted to eat everything—even things that they don’t necessarily care for. Take some time when plating your food. Consider what is really worth the calories. If you kind of like sweet potato soufflé, sort of like green bean casserole, but absolutely love mashed potatoes, skip the things you could take or leave and only eat what really calls to you.

Portion Control

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That all being said, it’s possible that you genuinely do love every single dish at the table. So, what then? If you need to taste a little bit of everything, that is totally okay. Consider, however, your portion size. Instead of taking heaping spoonfuls of each dish, however, take small servings. That way, you will have tasted everything, but won’t have stuffed yourself into a turkey coma, and will still be satisfied.


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Don’t skip out on your exercise regimen! Perhaps you traveled for the holidays and can’t get to your gym—there are still ways you can get in a work out. Go for a run Thanksgiving morning. Do some yoga or other aerobics. The blood flow will help you digest your food more quickly than if you were sedentary all day.

With all these tips in mind, don’t forget the most important part of all this—enjoy yourself this Thanksgiving!