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Though we try hard to maintain our weight loss goals, sometimes we can’t avoid holiday weight gain. For some, this is enough to make them throw in the towel, but DON’T PANIC! There are easy ways to jump back on track and get right back to that weight you were before the holidays reared its head around the corner. Whether the weight gain was from one bad day, or a month of treats, these tricks will help everyone return to their weight loss goals.

Credit: Medical News Today

For many, the holidays bring a multitude of sugary and high calorie drinks– alcoholic and otherwise. Cut those drinks out of your diet and opt for water, and lots of it. Water helps flush our systems of the “bad” food we’ve been eating, and also helps us feel fuller. It’s the zero-calorie solution you’ve been looking for.

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After eating poorly, many feel that skipping a meal or two during the day will help make up for those extra calories, when in actuality, skipping meals hurts your progress. When we skip meals, we are more likely to eat poorly when we do eat, and our bodies retain fat to help promote energy. The best thing you can do is eat high-protein, healthy meals to satisfy your appetite and give you the energy you need to get through the day.