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Weight loss is a personal journey that many embark on to better their lives, their health, and themselves. No matter how bad we may wish for it, there isn’t one answer to shedding stubborn weight. There isn’t a perfect plan that works for every single person in the world. Some people do better on certain diets, where others do better with more exercise and less food constraints. Some people need strict food plans. Others need to cut certain food groups out of their diet. A lot of weight loss is trial and error.

But it doesn’t have to be.

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Medically supervised weight loss is the answer you’ve been looking for. Turning to a doctor who knows why we retain weight and the best way to combat that can be the difference between years of trying and failing to reach one’s health goal and immediate, long term success. There are a number of weight loss alternatives available at many clinics that you can turn to that can help kick-start your weight loss and keep pounds off.

Personalized weight loss plans are the first step. After talking to a weight loss doctor about your schedule, your current diet, and your current exercise plan, the qualified medical professional can then formulate a program that is specifically tailored to your life. By executing that personalized diet and exercise plan to a T, you will most definitely see results. The regular checkups and support system you receive through this weight loss plan will help keep you motivated and engaged with your weight loss journey.

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Sometimes, however, you need another push. Slow metabolism and certain diseases can make weight cling to you far more stubbornly than to others. Supplements, such as Crave Control, could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Crave Control works alongside a healthy diet and reduces carbohydrate cravings. By supporting the production of brain-reward neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, to release dopamine, the Crave Control Supplement can promote appetite suppression and reduce overall cravings.

Why? Because studies show low levels of dopamine can lead to craving behaviors such as overeating and carbohydrate binging. The Crave Control Supplement utilizes chemicals naturally found in the body to help jumpstart your weight loss. Alongside diet and exercise, those of take Crave Control see fantastic weight loss results.

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For some people, however, it can be difficult to remember to actually take a supplement. This is where injections come in hand. Lipotropic injections are comprised of all-natural vitamin and nutrients, and can be administered at any point in the weight loss journey. Lipotropic substances speed up the removal of fat in the liver—in fact, lipotropic translates to “fat stimulate.” Key amino acids Choline, Methionine, and Inositol make up the shot, packing a powerful punch.

Patients can go to their weight loss clinic and have these injections administered weekly for energy and fat metabolism for as long as they want. Some people have them done just at the beginning of a weight loss journey, others have them done until the weight loss goal is reached. This is entirely up to the patient. The shots are administered quickly in an area with higher density subcutaneous fatty tissues (such as the arm, thigh, abdomen, or buttocks). The procedure is so fast that a patient could be in and out of the office all during their lunch break.

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Vitamin B-12 injections have a similar story. B-12 plays a massively important role in a vast number of our average bodily functions. Things such as DNA synthesis, energy production, nerve cell health, red blood cell formation, and neurological function would not operate properly without vitamin B-12. It is also thought that B vitamins have anti-aging properties and can address the slowing of one’s metabolism—both key to weight loss alongside diet and exercise.

B-12 can be administered through injection or taken in supplement form, depending on what the doctor feels is best. Just like lipotropic injections, B-12 injections are administered in minutes and do not require and appointment. One injection per week is sufficient for most weight loss plans, but more can be purchased if you like, as there are no adverse side effects to this natural vitamin.

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Weight loss doesn’t have to be trial and error. You don’t have to test the latest fad diet. You don’t have to result to unhealthy weight loss alternatives when things don’t go your way. More often than not, those strange and extreme diets do more harm than good. When incorporating a weight loss plan into your life, health should be the primary goal.

By partaking in medically supervised weight loss, you can finally reach that weight loss goal you’ve been striving for. They are paid to do just that, after all. Medical professionals are there to help guide you to the best version of yourself through safe and effective means. Once your medically supervised weight loss program is over, you not only look, but feel better than you ever have.