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For some people, finding time for exercise seems like a near-impossible feat. Between jobs, family, social life, pets, errands, and so much more, exercise often falls to the wayside despite just how important it is. But there are things that even the busiest person can do to get their blood pumping at some point in the day.

Here are some exercise routines you can do in under an hour to get some exercise in between all the busy aspects of your life.

Do you have 45 minutes?

Many of your local gyms offer fitness classes that vary in time from an hour and a half, to thirty minutes. These classes have a strict schedule and usually don’t go over time, making them perfect for you to select the time that fits best for you and show up. Bring a friend for added accountability. 

Do you have 30 minutes?

Hop on a treadmill, elliptical, or bike, and start pumping. Make your time even more fun by turning on a television show you’ve been meaning to catch up on. Having the added entertainment will distract you from the burn of the workout.  

Do you have 15 – 20 minutes?

Find a strength-training circuit that alternates between intervals of intense activity and active recovery. These could be done in your living room, or at your local gym. These sorts of repetitive circuits are a great way to build muscle effectively during limited time.

Get your pulse going while multi-tasking. Pace while making important calls or answering emails on your phone– and carry a bag for added weight. Park far away from the entrance of a building, or take the stairs instead of an elevator. 

Do you have zero free time? 

The easiest thing you can do is stand up. Every hour, make sure you get up (set a reminder on your phone if you have to!) and work while standing. It may seem simple, but it will get your blood flowing!


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