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As we get into the colder months of the year (and, truthfully, even the hottest months) exercising outside of the house can be difficult. Snow or rain in can make you unable to go for a run or get to the gym, but you shouldn’t miss a workout if you can help it. Here are a few exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home– all without stepping outside your front door.

Jump Rope

While we associate jumping rope with playground games, it can really work up a sweat. Jumping rope is a great outlet for cardio and working your leg muscles all at once. After years of not jumping rope, you will definitely feel the burn in the morning. Clear a little space so you don’t knock anything over, and start jumping!

Stair Stepping

While the obvious outlet for stair stepping is continually going up and down stairs, not everyone has a set of stairs in their own. Still, you can find a way to perform the act. Find a sturdy chair and get stepping. You can even position yourself in front of the television to pass the time. This is another exercise that you will definitely feel in your legs the next day.


Perhaps planking might not be a full workout, but it is a full-body workout. You have to have good core control. You use your arms and legs to keep you upright. Test how long you can hold a plank, then increase how long you hold it every day. You could do one a day, or alternate between planking and resting over a period of time to get in a workout.


Lunges are quick and easy (well, they are at first). You can do them stationary in front of the television, or you can pace the length of a hallway doing lunges. When that gets to be too easy, add weights. If you don’t have weights, try holding anything from water bottles to books.


This activity kills two birds with one stone. The monotonous motion of vacuuming and mopping can certainly work up a sweat, and takes up a good chunk of time. Putting away dishes or laundry might include squatting. If you’re doing a deep clean, you might have to use a ladder to dust high windows or fans. There are many options to get a workout and a clean in.

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