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When many people think of holiday weight gain, their minds generally wander to the massive spreads we see at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Valentine’s Day, however, is just as bad of a culprit. On the day of love, many of us splurge with boxes of chocolate, wine and cheese, and other luxurious foods. More likely than not, these foods are not exactly diet-friendly.

Upon realizing just how detrimental the celebration of love can be for one’s weight loss journey, the upcoming holiday fills them with dread– but it doesn’t have to. Deprivation makes diets more difficult. You can still enjoy your favorite yummy treats, so long as you stick to your pre-determined diet and exercise regimen as best you can. Here are a few of the best ways to avoid Valentine weight gain.


Substitute Your Favorites with Healthy Alternatives

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You know Valentine’s Day is coming. It’s the same day every year. During the days leading up to the holiday, be more conscious of our snacking and meals. Turn to healthier, but still tasty, options. Air-popped popcorn is a low-calorie alternative to chips. Apples and dark chocolate are delicious and nutritious. If you’re making goodies for the big day, search for healthier options– perhaps make an indulgent chocolate mousse instead of a decedent chocolate cake. Instead of a rib-eye, choose shrimp as your main course.


Pre-Determine Indulgences

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Not all “healthy” sweets are created equal. Instead of trying to make everything healthy, pick your battles. Have a light, low-calorie breakfast and lunch so you can enjoy the sweets and/or dinner you’ve been looking forward to. Decide what you want to spend your calories on– be it cocktails, or a box of chocolate. Having a rough idea of where you are going to indulge will likely prevent you from going over that.




Shorter, Higher Intensity Workouts

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For many, timing is a big part of the problems holidays bring. We have to set aside time to go find gifts. We have to set aside time to prepare goodies. This can severely cut into our exercise regimen– so much so, that many feel they don’t even have time to go to the gym. This is not the case at all. If you normally spend an hour at the gym, spend thirty or forty-five minutes, but increase the intensity so that it marginally evens out to your usual plan.



Take a Romantic Walk

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After your meal, go for a moonlit stroll. Going on a walk through the town or a park will burn some of the extra calories you just ate, as well as helping aid in your digestion. You and your partner can make a romantic time out of it, all while keeping your weight loss goals on track.




Don’t Go off the Deep End

Unfortunately, when holidays come around, many simply abandon their goals and give up on their lifestyle changes. This is the absolute worst thing to do. We all have days where we over eat and miss a step with our diets. Indulge if you like– have your favorite bottle of wine, enjoy some chocolates and strawberries, start your meal off with fondue– but don’t let it be an excuse to continue indulging. Avoid bringing home left overs, and get right back on track the next day. Keep up the good work!

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