How to start a healthy exercise routine

Starting any exercise journey is difficult. Whether you need something new, haven’t exercised regularly since school, or never had an exercise regimen, getting started on a new goal is a daunting task. Whatever your reason for starting to get fit or your personal level of fitness, you need to ensure you do it healthily. Keep these tips in mind.

Assess your starting point

Look at yourself at a realistic lens to understand just where your body is. If possible, go to your health provider and get a physical examination. They can assess what potential health problems you have that could cause issues during certain exercises. If you do this step at a wellness clinic, they can provide you a personalized program from weight loss that fits your life.

Be realistic

Many people see the ideal of fitness they want and go to extremes to get the result they want. This is the worst thing to do, as more often than not you will be disappointed by what you can’t do instead of motivated by what you can do. Instead, start with an easy to follow plan that you can build upon.

Set a schedule

Figure out the best way to fit exercise into your schedule and stick with it. It doesn’t matter what days those are or what times of day it is, just as long as it is a consistent schedule you can stick to. If you have someone who can join you, exercise buddies are a great way to stay accountable. Consider rewarding yourself for meeting these weekly goals to keep yourself motivated.

Know your limits

You may find that you progress more slowly than you want, especially as soreness kicks in. Don’t overexert yourself. Soreness is natural and can easily be remedied with stretching, but don’t push yourself if you are experiencing pain or nausea. It is better to pause and return to activities later than to cause a problem.

Monitor your progress

Once you’ve been exercising for a few weeks to a month, retake whatever fitness assessment you used and mix up your program. You might be right where you need to be, but you might also find it is time to add to your regimen. This can mean introducing heavier weights, new exercises, or increasing your exercise time. This will not only help keep you moving towards your fitness goals, but also stop you from getting bored with a stagnant program.

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