Medical Weight Loss Clinics Corpus Christi TX

There are Many Causes of Weight Gain

Medical Weight Loss Clinics Corpus Christi TX

Regardless of why you gained weight, medical weight loss centers can help you lose it once and for all.

So many of us struggle with weight nowadays, and only a fool would think that this struggle always ties back to poor eating habits. The truth is that for most people, weight gain is caused by a variety of reasons like age, metabolism disorders, thyroid disorders, hormone imbalances, stress, and other physical ailments. If one of these medical problems is the cause of your obesity, why would a non-specific, cookie-cutter diet fad help you lose weight? It won’t, as it does not treat the underlying issues of your weight gain. Additionally, for those whose weight gain is due to poor food choices and overeating, the solution is still not a fad diet, as they are created for a small amount of weight loss that usually only lasts for a short while. The key to permanent and dramatic weight loss lies in something more personalized and medically based.

A Custom Weight Loss Plan is Your Answer

Medical weight loss clinics like those in Corpus Christi, TX are offering weight loss solutions to male and female clients who suffer from any cause of obesity. Clients are treated by physician assisted weight loss specialists who can pinpoint the specific cause of weight gain and create a medically based weight loss plan. Clients also have one-on-one visits with their weight loss doctor, where they can discuss in great detail the cause of their weight gain as well as the solution that will finally help them lose the weight and find true health once again. Doctors can prescribe FDA approved medications and supplements that treat underlying issues, suppress appetite and help burn fat faster. Because patients are working with experienced medical professionals, they can trust their weight loss program will be safe, effective and permanent. Call Dr. Dale Eubank at (361) 906-1112 to learn more about his offered weight loss programs.