Not a Diet – Eat Regular Food

Changing Clients’ Approach to Eating

Not a Diet – Eat Regular Food

Clients can eat regular, healthy meals while participating in our weight loss program.

Although the Serotonin-Plus weight loss program that we offer is sometimes called the SP-Diet, in truth, it is not a diet. The program encompasses lifestyle changes that change the way clients approach eating. Granted, to lose weight and achieve sustained weight reduction, a person will have to eat healthier and cut out some of the unhealthy and fattening foods that lead to weight gain, but the SP Diet does not promote pre-packaged meals or shakes. Eating a balanced and healthy diet, the program helps people consume less food. The Serotonin-Plus program produces lasting results by helping men and women in Corpus Christi lose weight, approach eating in healthier ways and lead more active lifestyles. Serotonin-Plus is a safe and effective medically supervised weight loss program averaging a loss of 35 lbs. in twelve weeks, structured to help men and women lose weight and keep it off.

Feel Less Hungry and Eat Less

The supplements and medications that people take while participating in the program reduce their appetites, helping them consume fewer calories. Serotonin and Phentermine, the prescription medication that men and women take while participating in the program, act as appetite suppressants, reducing people’s desire to eat. Some of the men and women who have succeeded in losing weight with the program say that the program has changed their tastes. They say that they no longer find unhealthy foods enjoyable. Because men and women in the program feel less hungry, they tend to eat less often and eat smaller portion of food when they do eat. They also tend to choose healthier food options when they eat.

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