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The immediate goal is weight loss, but the long-term goal is maintaining it. Our Advanced Weight Loss program does just that. We work with you to create a personalized regimen of diet and exercise tailored to your life. This yields results that you’ll be able to keep up with even after you’ve finished the program.
Our medical weight loss program works, no matter your gender. Men tend to lose around 40 pounds, while women typically lose 35 pounds. This averages out to an 35 pounds of unwanted weight lost through our cutting-edge program.

Fact: Our patients average a loss of 35 lbs in twelve weeks. It is structured to help men and women alike lose weight and keep it off.

Our Program is an Effective and Safe Medically-Supervised Weight Loss Alternative

Our medical weight loss program is based around research and studies that have been implicated to result in sustainable weight loss. Thousands of men and women have achieved dramatic improvements in their weight levels, physiques and health through the Dr. Eubank’s program, and you can too.

“Long-term weight loss success and a change in lifestyle is our goal with our Weight Loss Program… Its success in my patient population has been tremendous and we have witnessed firsthand the incredibly positive impact it has made on our patients’ lives as well as the lives of their family. It would be my pleasure and privilege to talk to you about our program and introduce you to our team of professional registered nurses and counselors in an effort to assist you in achieving your weight loss goals.”

Dr. Dale Eubank

Achieve Sustainable Weight Reduction Starting Today!

  • Medically-supervised
  • FDA-approved
  • Phentermine
  • Behavior modification 


William lost 42 pounds!

Barry testimonial pic


Sharon lost 31 pounds!

Medical Weight Loss Corpus Christi 1


Ted lost 34 pounds!

Medical Weight Loss Corpus Christi 3


Kelly lost 28 pounds!

Medical Weight Loss Corpus Christi 2

I have fibromyalgia and due to sore muscles I have not been able to exercise at all. I decided to try Dr. Eubank’s program seven weeks ago. I am totally surprised, I have less pain when on this weight loss program and have dropped 10 pounds so far as it broke my carbohydrate habit! I am happy because I am able to do water aerobics now and am not depressed about my physical condition.

Sue P.

Executive Assistant

Like many, I’ve tried many other weight loss programs in the past. I was interested in Dr. Eubank’s weight loss program because I felt I needed a jumpstart at my age and couldn’t do it on my own. The weight has been harder to take off now than it was when I was in my twenties and thirties. The program was very effective for me and I was able to lose over 24 pounds in 12 weeks. I was held accountable for my weight every week and I became diligent at sticking to the program. It has changed my life. I have modified my eating habits so that I now know what to do to be able to keep the weight off long-term. People have noticed the difference in my appearance which is great!

Linda M.

Graphic Designer

Become the happiest, healthiest version of you!

Become the happiest, healthiest version of you!

Become the happiest, healthiest version of you!

Become the happiest, healthiest version of you!

Become the happiest, healthiest version of you!

Become the happiest, healthiest version of you!

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