Weight Management Corpus Christi Tx

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Weight Management Corpus Christi Tx

Healthy diets, active lifestyles and weight loss programs Corpus Christi can help people achieve healthier weight levels.

Many Corpus Christi residents face an uphill battle against overweight and obesity. Inactivity, genetics and sedentary lifestyles have caused many in the city to pack on many pounds over the years, creating an obesity epidemic in the city. At one time in the recent past, the city had the unfortunate label of fattest city in the United States. Since earning that dubious title, several other cities have surpassed Corpus Christi, in terms of the percentage of residents who qualify as obese. Still, the city has a sizeable population of overweight and obese residents. To help Corpus Christi residents achieve healthier weight levels and slimmer figures, a number of practices, clinics and centers across the city now offer weight management Corpus Christi Tx programs that aim to help clients reduce their weight and lead healthier lives.

Improve Your Health and Weight with Our Help

One of these practices, Advanced Weight Loss, headed by respected physician Dr. Dale Eubank, helps men and women reach healthier weight levels and boost their self-esteem. This leading weight loss Corpus Christi clinic offers the Serotonin-Plus program, an outstanding program that quickly delivers noticeable and significant weight reduction results. Serotonin-Plus is a safe and effective medically-supervised weight loss program averaging a loss of 35 lbs. in twelve weeks, structured to help men and women lose weight and keep it off, safely and quickly reducing their weight levels and making them healthier.

Call the office at (361) 906-9178 to learn more details about this program, also called the SP-Diet. With the right guidance, dietary supplements and medications, men and women can rapidly and safely improve their weight levels and figures without having to undergo surgery.