Tips of Healthy Weight Loss in 2022

Many people start off a new year with the goal to lose weight– whether that is due to holiday over-eating or simply a long-time goal they are finally acting upon. A quick Google search will find you one of two things: unhealthy suggestions that will not sustain weight loss, or the same handful of tips again and again. Dr. Dale Eubank has seen too many women struggle with these weight loss alternatives, and wants to help.

“Over the past fourteen years, one of the most challenging aspects of my practice has been helping women lead a healthy, fit lifestyle while simultaneously experiencing the effects of childbearing, menopausal changes, and societal influences.” –Dr. Dale Eubank

On this page, you can find some weight loss tips to consider for your 2022 weight loss goals— many of which you may not have considered

Incorporate protein and fiber in every meal

Protein is key to keeping you fuller, longer, even when compared to carbohydrates. Fiber is also crucial in helping you feel full, but it also promotes healthy gut bacteria, which is crucial for regulating blood glucose levels. A few great ways to incorporate protein is with chicken, beans, eggs, or nuts. A few great ways to incorporate fiber is with avocado, raspberries, lentils, and oats.

Promote a healthy gut microbiome

A healthy gut microbiome is contingent on providing your gut the healthy, or “good” bacteria. The relationship between a bad gut microbiome and obesity is a regular point of study. You can easily encouraged a healthy microbiome by ensuring you eat enough fiber, eat enough vegetables with most meals, limit alcoholic beverages, and take a probiotic supplement. 


Think about calorie quality

Low calorie foods are important to weight loss, of course, but you need to be sure those low calorie foods have good nutritional value to get the most out of it. On top of being lower-calorie, make sure what you’re eating is of high calorie quality. Consider your food choices’ vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant count. This will give you the greatest benefit. 

Eat most of your calories earlier in the day

As night comes around, your body’s natural circadian rhythm slows, and your insulin doesn’t function as well. This makes digesting food at night more difficult. Help your body digest food more effectively by eating most of your calories earlier in the day. A second reason to eat earlier is that if you skip breakfast and/or lunch, you are more likely to overeat at (and after) dinner. Make sure you stop eating about three hours before bed– and consider whether or not you are actually hungry when reaching for a night snack.

Put your phone down while you eat

Social media and television distract you while you’re eating, which makes you more likely to ignore the signs that you are full and leads you to over eat. You stop, put your food down, and enjoy your food. You’ll likely find that you not only savor your food more, but you’ll have a better understanding of whether or not you’re eating because you’re full, or because food is in front of you.


A quality night’s rest has been shown to be crucial to just about every single bodily function you can think of. In relation to eating, however, a full night’s rest helps you balance hormones that regulate hunger and appetite. You’re also less likely to crave sugar when you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep, which is an added plus. 

Don’t be “all-or-nothing” about healthy eating

An “all-or-nothing” approach to healthy eating is not a healthy approach. For many people, when they finally allow themselves something that isn’t in their diet after days or months of restricting, they go overboard, and then they feel bad about it. Avoid that by being lenient with yourself– if you really want a cookie, have a cookie, but that’s the trick. Have cookie, as in just one. As long as you don’t overindulge, you won’t lose all the progress you made.

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