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The best foods to help you lose weight and KEEP IT OFF!

One of the keys to long-term weight loss is a well-balanced, nutritious diet. There isn’t one food in particular that will immediately burn off all the fat you wish gone (this would majorly unhealthy if it did exist), but there are plenty of foods that aid in burning fat and getting you to that goal-weight. Here are just a few foods you should incorporate into your diet.


While the yolks may have a high cholesterol content, whole eggs are well documented to improve heart health in those with increased risk for heart disease. More that than, however, eggs are a “nutritional powerhouse” and may help weight loss. They are a high-quality proteins, which can increase one’s metabolic rate.Studies show that egg-based breakfasts keep your hunger maintained longer in overweight individuals. Because eggs are relatively low-calorie, having eggs at breakfast will also help you consume less calories throughout the day.


Fatty Fish

Fatty fishes, such as salmon, herring, sardines, and mackerel contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are well documented to reduce inflammation and decrease the risk of heart disease– but omega-3s are also shown to help you use body fat. They promote drops in cortisol, which is a hormone associated with fat storage. Past the benefits of omega-3s, fish also contain high-quality protein and help you feel fuller, longer.


Chili Peppers

Despite the heat they give off, chili peppers are packed with powerful antioxidants that can reduce inflammation, as well as protect your cells from damage. One antioxidant, capsaicin, can help you achieve a healthy weight by promoting fullness, which will then prevent overeating. In one study, capsaicin was found to counteract the slowdown of the metabolic rate which comes with a decreased calorie intake. The effect can be found in regular chili peppers, but even powdered cayenne pepper.


Full-Fat Greek Yogurt

Regular yogurt has a lot of sugar you may not want to incorporate into your diet, but full-fat Greek yogurt is great for your body. It is an excellent source of protein, potassium, and calcium. It contains probiotics that keep your gut healthy, while also helping you feel full and satisfied. For those exercising, it boosts fat loss while also protecting your muscles as you lose weight. However, the key is full-fat Greek yogurt. It contains conjugated linoleic acid, which may promote weight loss. Non-fat and low-fat yogurt contain little to none of this acid.




On the side of beverages, coffee is shown to enhance mood, improve mental performance, and help burn fat. In one study, those who took caffeine one hour before exercise burned nearly twice as much fat as the non-caffeinated group, and they also exercised 17% longer. Caffeine has been shown to increase metabolic rates by as much as 13%, which will help you lose more weight. Don’t drink too much, however, as potential side effects such as anxiousness and insomnia can be unhelpful. 



Green Tea

A well-documented super food is green tea. Studies suggest that green tea may be implicated to reduce the risk of heart disease and even cancer. It is also an excellent source of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an antioxident that promotes fat burning and belly fat. This effect may vary based on person to person, but the low calorie, highly beneficial drink that people who want to lose weight should try incorporating into their diets. 

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