You Can Still Exercise Outdoors in the Winter

The colder months encroach, and suddenly many men and women decide they can’t exercise outdoors any longer, thus throwing a wrench in their weight loss plan. It’s a cyclical thing for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. You can be comfortable working out outdoors , and even learn to enjoy it. While winter doesn’t usually get too intense down here, there are some rather frigid days that you should prepare for

Dress properly

One of the biggest problems people have with exercising outside is how cold they get. There is a reason they get cold so easily: they are not dressed properly. The key is to dress in layers. Check the temperature before you go to assess if a sweatshirt will do the trick, or if you need some heavier-duty jackets and vests. Don’t be afraid to wear two pairs of pants either, and make sure you wear layers that repel water. Even a short rain shower on a run can leave you feeling frost-bitten.

Wear bright colors

On top of the cold, you need to consider the visibility that comes with winter. Nights come sooner, forcing many to go for runs in the dark before and after work. On top of that, overcast/rainy days are far more prevalent. Make sure you wear bright/reflective clothing so others can see you coming. If it’s particularly dark, consider purchasing blinking lights or flashlights. This is a tip you should consider all year round.

Wear proper footwear

A slippery workout can be a dangerous one. Don’t make this harder for yourself by wearing shoes that don’t have traction. Double check that your shoes will not only keep you dry, but keep you upright. Stay on better maintained road for further safety, and if it’s particularly icy, consider purchasing snow/ice spikes to your running shoes.

Don’t forget to warm up

Warming up is essential to any workout regimen, but it is especially important in cold weather. Warm ups not only promote proper blood flow, but they increase your body temperature before you step out into the cold. The colder weather can even put us at an increased risk for sprains and strains, so it is crucial that you get your body warmed up ahead of time, and that you stretch afterwards.

Breathe properly

Cold, dry air forces our airway passages to narrow, which can make inhalation more difficult. Taking full breaths in through your nose allows for humid air to enter your lungs. Letting the breath out of your mouth helps you control it better. If you find the air is still too dry, wrap a bandana, scarf, or even wear a mask around your mouth and nose. This will trap water vapor in.

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