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Stock up on Apples

Apple cider, applesauce, apple butter– during fall, you can get just about anything apple-flavored because of the overabundance of the fruit. Thankfully, this is perfect for your weight loss goals. According to a study published in Nutrition, researchers found that eating three apples a day could help you shed extra weight due to the filling, high-fiber nature of the fruit.


Avoid the Pumpkin Spice Latte

Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and all other coffee shops release the infamous pumpkin spice latte. It is a fun, fall flavor that most people enjoy, but unfortunately, it packs a punch on your waistline. A tall from Starbucks is 330 calories with 39 grams of sugar. It’s a great treat to have every once in a while, but that’s just it– it’s a treat. Indulging in it every day can seriously rack up some pounds.


Exercise Outdoors

The heat of summer has dissipated, but the bone-chilling air of winter hasn’t hit you, making fall the perfect time to exercise outdoors. Skip the treadmill and run among the changing leaves– a beautiful scenery to keep you going. When it starts to be too cold, try taking the stairs at work to get an extra burst of exercise in.


Enjoy Cinnamon

Cinnamon practically the universal flavor of fall, but it is far more than just the delicious, cozy taste we associate with the cooling months. According to the Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental research journal, cinnamaldehyde (the compound that gives makes cinnamon, cinnamon) has been implicated to help you burn more fat, resulting in weight loss.


Make Some Roasted Nuts

Nuts are another great snack associated with fall, and just like apples, they have some great benefits to help you lose weight. Nuts contain a varying amount of vitamins and nutrients that can help you lose more weight. Another great option is pumpkin seeds. Just one ounce has five grams of fiber, and has been shown to help fight off heart disease and diabetes. Save them after pumpkin carving and roast them in the oven. 


Lay off Baking

There are far too many autumnal baked goods that the baker in us loves to indulge in. It can be fun (and delicious) to do on occasion, but don’t go overboard. According to an International Journal of Obesity study, the sight and smell of food can easily make your cravings go off the handle, so keep baked goods out of the house. Try to limit your baking to special events.  


Add Ginger to You Food

Just like cinnamon, ginger is a staple to fall. While gingerbread cookies don’t exactly cut it, you can easily add ginger to a variety of soups, Asian style dishes, or even your teas to reap some of the benefits of the fat-fighting spice.



Get Scared!

This seems like an odd one, but it works. When we get cared, the fight-or-flight instinct our body sets off burns calories. So grab some friends, curl up on the couch, and find some movies that make you jump, shriek, and cover your eyes. When October rolls around, tour haunted houses and be even more spooked.

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