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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, keeping up with one’s weight loss goals may seem nearly impossible. There is no need to deprive yourself of your favorite foods, however. As long as you stay on track on the days surrounding Thanksgiving, you should be okay. But, there are things you can do the day of to make sure you don’t lose track of your path to weight loss.

Stay on Track

Go for a walk

You may not be able to get to the gym on Thanksgiving day due to cooking and entertaining, but there are still ways to stay active. Go on a walk before or after (even both, if you can) your Thanksgiving meal to help promote digestion and burn some calories. Get some fresh air with the family and enjoy the walk together. It is a little holiday adventure!


Eat breakfast

While many feel the need to save calories for the big meal by skipping breakfast, it isn’t the best option. Because you haven’t eaten all day, you are more likely to eat larger portions, go back for seconds, and indulge where you otherwise may not have. By having a satisfying breakfast, you will have better control over your appetite when the big meal is finally ready.


Pay attention to your body

We get excited about the food we don’t normally eat. It’s natural. However, don’t keep eating just because the food is there. Select reasonable portions of the food you really want, not the foods that you think might be okay. After eating, wait. If you are still hungry after waiting, then have some more. If, after some time, you find you’re satisfied, then don’t over-eat. You need to save calories for dessert, after all!


Select your drinks wisely

Alcoholic drinks rack up the calories quickly. Drinks like wine are among the lowest in calories out of alcoholic options, but make sure you finish off each drink with a glass of water. Stay hydrated, and stay sober.



Better food alternatives

Thanksgiving is full of great food, but consider a few healthier dish options when making your plate.

Oven-Roasted Turkey

Some people have ham at their Thanksgiving, but turkey is really the way to go. It is rich in protein and generally a leaner meat full of great vitamins and minerals. If you have control of the turkey prep, opt to roast the turkey (or even grill) instead of frying it. Add fresh herbs and aromatics to bump up the flavor without packing on the sodium. Choosing white meat over dark meat will save you some calories as well, so keep that in mind.



Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato casserole is a staple of Thanksgiving, but it is also way more dessert-like than a side dish. Instead, skip the extra calories and sweetness brought on by marshmallows, brown sugar, and butter, and opt to have roasted sweet potatoes. They have a great natural sweetness that comes alive when roasted, mashed, baked, or however you decide to make them. Not only that, but they are high in great vitamins and minerals, and low in calories. Combine with natural spices and let that flavor come to life.


Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Cranberries are healthy fruits full of antioxidants that pack a powerful punch. The beautiful red berries are implicated to be anti-inflammatory, help prevent UTIs, and hel prevent certain types of cancers. You don’t reap the benefits from canned cranberry, however. Homemade cranberry sauce is easy to make– simply combine sugar and water, then boil the berries! You can adjust the amount of sugar or even swap the sugar for a healthier option.



Don’t forget the vegetables!


A little bit of freshness will feel great after the meal.

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